A downloadable Funsperience

Made for horse-name jam at Saltw on 9/22/2013 over 9ish days

Named after race horsies in accordance with the rules

Game does not feature horses though, sorry...

You are an amateur occultist, preparing yourself to enter the lost domain of an entity of unspeakable power.  He dwells in the realm of Decadencia, a lost kingdom where the lines between fantasy and reality blur.  What is your business in the halls of the Witch King?  What marvels await you in the rifts outside of our waking world?

Find out for yourself!  Beware the power of dreams...


See if you can find all 12 different endings... !


I think as of revision 3, all bugs are stomped.  

Thanks a bunch to thecatamites, gods17, angrygeometry/dicko, bonzi_buddy, porpentine, kat_chastain, gargonherd/lilith, and all you other cool outsider cyberartists for being top class people and inspirations.  Knowing people like there are out there really helps me get through the day.

Art and words by me, sound effects stolen blatantly from Internet

haha I should probably credit the sfx I cribbed for the game, too...

later I think


WitchKing_05.zip 27 MB